The Man in The Silo

Hey there kiddies!
I have a film that I would love for you to store away and check out.

‘The Man in The Silo.”

Directed by my very close friend, Phil Donlon & jointly written by playwright Christopher Ellis & starring Ernie Hudson.

*Shameful Plug: Phil Donlon is also the lead in the film High & Outside, which is currently in production, but stay tuned…*

The Man in The Silo is making its rounds on the film festival circuit & will be shown June 16 at the Coachella Film Festival & may be up for some awards!

How fucking cool is that?!

Phil went to bat for me & got me my audition, which then lead to an actual role in my very first mainstream movie, High & Outside & I am forever grateful!

I will post all appropriate links regarding The Man in The Silo for all additional info & I hope you keep your eye out for this amazing movie.

Plz give Phil Donlon a follow on twitter for all updates: @PhilDonlon1

So proud of you, Phil!!!

The Man in The Silo

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