Scarlett Fay Now Writes For (Cum Xpose Yourself) plz RT

I am extremely excited to spread the news that I am currently writing or AIPDaiylcom. I’ve known the Editor in Chief for many years, Christina, who has helped promote may of my my porn features and happenings since the day I joined porn star kindergarten. Christina has been amazing and has given me a huge opportunity to interview people from all walks of the adult entertainment lifestyle. From cam girls, fetish models, porn stars (past and present), and I am extremely excited to get my personal article up and running.

Now, I realize that quite a few of you are waiting patiently, very patiently for your interview questions and trust me, they are on their way. I don’t want my article to be the same interview questions that you’ve been having to answer repeatedly throughout the time you’ve spent in the adult industry. Every question, for every interviewee will be different, which takes time and a hell of a lot of patience. But I haven’t forgotten about any of you. It has been a rough two months for me and I’ve had to put a lot of things on the back burner, but this is definitely a priority for me and just by receiving the interviews from most of you I just know this is going to be a great article.

No one is off limits when it comes to my article. If you’re interested in promoted something, getting your face/product out there, please, by all means, email me directly at It’s 15 questions, which are not your usual, boring porn star questions. Along with your interview you will provide six photos of yourself and you will have the opportunity to promote any upcoming movies, webcam sites, clips for sale, etc. We want to expose you in the best way possible 😉

As far as photos go, we typically ask for landscape photos for the header, nudes are definitely okay but nothing explicit. Please feel free to check out and if you’re interested in an interview please don’t be shy to contact me. Xo’s & Oh’s all over your pink parts!

Scarlett Fay

“She Gave The Worst Head…” Pt.2 And Some Blow J History

This could be the second worst thing a chick has ever heard aside from being labeled as the DUFF in her group of friends, but then again, Duffs have to learn quick to give great head in order to get any type of attention at all. So, what are you doing wrong?

Mistake #1: You don’t like giving head because a long time ago, your mother, or your grandmother, told you that oral sex was for trashy girls. Whores. Sluts. Trollops. Strumpets. Hookers and biker chicks. Perhaps you even came from a very religious background and was told your mouth was only to recite the words of God and the bible. They even have “Purity Balls” where fathers take their daughters & present them with a ring, much like a wedding ring & make their young daughters promise to stay pure. Without the young girls realizing it, their daughters bodies & souls belonged to their fathers, long before they belonged to their husband.

***Marriage is an ancient institution & was seen as a strategic alliance between families***

Did anyone else see Love or sex in that sentence?

(okay, time to get back on blow job track)…

Mistake #2: When your husband/boyfriend finally convinces you to go down south, you don’t know what in the fuck you’re doing. You’re not completely to blame. No one ever taught you. So, you begin to feel insecure about it and avoid the cock sucking issue at all costs. Looking at his “Member” for the first time probably gave you nightmares. It’s true, they are a wee bit strange to look at for the first time, but I’m sure vaginas don’t resemble pink Macaroons either.

Mistake #3: DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, listen to our girlfriends advice about blow jobs. Every man is different

Mistake #4: Tucking your teeth behind your gums is amateur hour. Only high school chicks do that after school behind the bleachers. The guy can still feel your teeth, which makes it hard to cum, which also means you could be down there for a looooong time and injuring your lips in the process. Open your mouth wider and forget you even have teeth.

***The blow job was a revolutionary invention and birth control method, which was great for the dudes, but what about the ladies?? Ah, that’s right, married women were above blow jobs, BUT, the whores were not.***

Mistake #5: You’re married. How are you above giving the man you’re married to a blow job?

***Blow jobs were not actually popularized until 1929***

Mistake #6: If you don’t find a way to ease yourself into giving head, trust me, your boyfriend or husband will find a woman who will.

Blow Jobs=Oral sex. It’s just sex. Have fun with it. If blow jobs are something you enjoy immensely and you happen to be with a girl who is not even willing to walk into a sex shop or give it the ‘ol blow, well, then perhaps she’s not for you. And that’s okay because you’re probably not her type either.

You Know What Chaps My Ass….

…I’m about to tel you…

So, I’ve been house sitting in North Hollywood for the last week and regardless of what you may think of NoHo, I actually enjoy myself here. I’m close to my Nerd Herd, I love all the little art houses and enjoy spending my time at the federal. My favorite thing to do in the morning is get up, well, actually, no, that’s not my favorite thing to do. However, Once I’ve had my shower and have woken up from my coma, I like to explore the neighborhood I’m in. I’m an LA Native. I love taking walks through the neighborhoods and discovering little gems that you otherwise may not see while driving. I walk for about a mile everyday even though there’s an amazing gym here, I just hate being cooped up. I’d rather get my heart rate up, have the sun on my pale, Irish face, listen to my music and go on auto pilot.

And Today was a beautiful day for just that. Taking a walk, clearing my head, listening to The Beatles. I gotta say it was a good day…that was, until, an older man of Indian heritage (dot not feather), came up to me and began preaching the word of god. I’m not religious by any means, but I don’t consider myself to be an atheist either. Being an atheist is the same as being Arnie Grape, much like religion.

So, being the polite, little miss sunshine that I am, I allow him to go on and on about Jesus, God, & how in his country he’s considered a medicine man by the name of Yogi. A Medicine man, eh? Part of me wanted to ask if he was holding, but I had chocolate milk getting warm by the minute and still had a block to go before I could reach my fridge. And as you know, hustlers come in all shapes, sizes and religions, so, he was not letting me leave so easily. He claimed to be psychic and that the last year for me has been hard. Meh, OK…I’ll agree with that. “There is a sadness in your eyes.” He must have had ex-ray vision as well considering I was wearing sunglasses. Whatever. I’m open minded.

I began to give the bat signal that I was in a rush and must go, backing away slowly, making not sure to make any sudden movements and this guy, Yogi, begins to follow me. At this point, I told him that I was late for work and had no more time (or the patience) to talk about God, but was thankful for his words of wisdom and how he absolutely knew that this year was going to be better for me. And I’m all for that. Bring on the fortune and half naked chicks. But just as I was beginning to walk away, he handed me his number and said, “I spoke the word of God to you and would appreciate a donation.” Um…Exsqueeze me??? Did you just say you were a man of god? I can’t imagine Jesus walking around, healing the sick, curing the blind and feeding the starving and then boldly asking for a money donation.

First off, this is NoHo. Not Las Vegas. Mr. Yogi, the medicine man, was dressed in a hoody and Dickies. It’s not like he was on the strip in Vegas dressed as Elvis or Hollywood Blvd dressed as Marilyn Monroe. I didn’t ask to take a picture with you and I certainly didn’t ask for your bullshit speech about God and this, that and the other. I just wanted to drink my chocolate milk in piece and avoid human contact. This is not to say that I’m so coldhearted bitch who had $100 on my pocket and was just outright refusing to give him a little something. Truth is, I didn’t have money on me, but I was chapped my ass the most, was having “a man of God” asking for a donation because as he so elegantly put it, “I saved you. I saved your soul, your soul which has been damned.” Yeah, that’s great, kid and I surely appreciate it, but I’m probably going to hell and just pumping that gas. I didn’t approach you. You approached me. If money is what you need, I hear Pastors/Preachers make great money speaking the word of God, as if we all knew Jesus/God personally.

The moral of the story is, if you’re going to approach complete strangers on the streets, tell them how hard their life is and how sad they are inside and all it would take is a donation and the word from God, perhaps you should put a wee bit more effort into it and put on an Elvis costume or dress up as Charlie Chaplin. Anyway, just a thought…

Thug Lyfe

Congratulations to those of us who made it to 2015! Myself included. This being my first blog in over four months I feel that I should be wowing you with wisdom and wit, but it appears that you clicked on the wrong blog post. So, you’re shit out of luck.

But while you’re here…

…A few things to get you through the new year…

1.Don’t be a dick
2.Don’t masturbate in public
3.Don’t name your kids after food groups
4.Don’t watch Fox News
5.Don’t say Bae if you’re in your late twenties
6.Don’t say Bae at all
7.Relax. It’s just sex…but get tested
8.Kale is for people who hate themselves
9.Listen. Smile & then do whatever the fuck it was you were going to do anyway because you’re a fucking adult!
10.Drink your Ovaltine

Your Porn Name SUX…

…There seems to be a lack of creativity in the porn name department and very little originality these days. Every girl fresh off the boat is either a Jenna, Jesse, Nikki/Nicole, Brooke, Brooklyn, Alexis,Emma, Abby, Alana, Bailey, Tegan. On my agency site alone, there are two Anna’s, which are both spelled differently. Two Mary’s, two girls with the first name Miss and unfortunately, two Scarlett’s, which are also spelled differently. (Let it be known that I’ve been Scarlett for seven years, so, I think it’s fair to say that, that name belongs to me). 😉

…On LA Direct’s site, there are two Addison’s and four Alexis’! Is that absolutely necessary?

…OcModels has two Brooke’s, both spelled differently, two Holly’s, two Lilly’s also spelled differently, and two Summer’s.

Anyway, you get where I’m going with this.

Jenna Jameson, Jesse Jane, Jenna Haze, Alexis Texas, Nikki Benz…they’ve earned their names. They made these names household names. They are recognized everywhere. And yes, Jenna, Jesse & Nikki are cute, little girly names, but guess what? THE POSITION HAS BEEN FILLED! (no pun intended). Giving yourself a porn name that has already been made famous by the person who first thought of it, will not make you a porn star overnight or win you any awards or recognition of any kind. You may just end up pissing off the wrong person who worked her ass off (literally) to make that name what it is today.

Newbies, don’t be afraid to be creative when it comes to choosing your stage name. Especially if you want the name and yourself to stand out and be memorable. Stage names like Jenna, Alexis, Nikki, Jesse, or Brooke will only get you lost in the crowd. I know strippers with better stage names and that’s not saying a whole hell of a lot.

Your stage name should stand out and look great on a box cover, but don’t get carried away either. If porn is something you’re looking to do, before you sign with any agency, before you do anything…do your research on the industry and spend some time thinking about your stage name. Don’t let your agent choose it for you. Some agents are lazy and may just end up calling you Fido or Grassy Knoll.

Well, kids, that’s all for today. TaTa!

Scarlett Fay