Thug Lyfe

Congratulations to those of us who made it to 2015! Myself included. This being my first blog in over four months I feel that I should be wowing you with wisdom and wit, but it appears that you clicked on the wrong blog post. So, you’re shit out of luck.

But while you’re here…

…A few things to get you through the new year…

1.Don’t be a dick
2.Don’t masturbate in public
3.Don’t name your kids after food groups
4.Don’t watch Fox News
5.Don’t say Bae if you’re in your late twenties
6.Don’t say Bae at all
7.Relax. It’s just sex…but get tested
8.Kale is for people who hate themselves
9.Listen. Smile & then do whatever the fuck it was you were going to do anyway because you’re a fucking adult!
10.Drink your Ovaltine

Your Porn Name SUX…

…There seems to be a lack of creativity in the porn name department and very little originality these days. Every girl fresh off the boat is either a Jenna, Jesse, Nikki/Nicole, Brooke, Brooklyn, Alexis,Emma, Abby, Alana, Bailey, Tegan. On my agency site alone, there are two Anna’s, which are both spelled differently. Two Mary’s, two girls with the first name Miss and unfortunately, two Scarlett’s, which are also spelled differently. (Let it be known that I’ve been Scarlett for seven years, so, I think it’s fair to say that, that name belongs to me). 😉

…On LA Direct’s site, there are two Addison’s and four Alexis’! Is that absolutely necessary?

…OcModels has two Brooke’s, both spelled differently, two Holly’s, two Lilly’s also spelled differently, and two Summer’s.

Anyway, you get where I’m going with this.

Jenna Jameson, Jesse Jane, Jenna Haze, Alexis Texas, Nikki Benz…they’ve earned their names. They made these names household names. They are recognized everywhere. And yes, Jenna, Jesse & Nikki are cute, little girly names, but guess what? THE POSITION HAS BEEN FILLED! (no pun intended). Giving yourself a porn name that has already been made famous by the person who first thought of it, will not make you a porn star overnight or win you any awards or recognition of any kind. You may just end up pissing off the wrong person who worked her ass off (literally) to make that name what it is today.

Newbies, don’t be afraid to be creative when it comes to choosing your stage name. Especially if you want the name and yourself to stand out and be memorable. Stage names like Jenna, Alexis, Nikki, Jesse, or Brooke will only get you lost in the crowd. I know strippers with better stage names and that’s not saying a whole hell of a lot.

Your stage name should stand out and look great on a box cover, but don’t get carried away either. If porn is something you’re looking to do, before you sign with any agency, before you do anything…do your research on the industry and spend some time thinking about your stage name. Don’t let your agent choose it for you. Some agents are lazy and may just end up calling you Fido or Grassy Knoll.

Well, kids, that’s all for today. TaTa!

Scarlett Fay