Subliminal Messages aka Being a Chicken Shit

ATTN: Social media users!
If you’re going to take the time & effort to speak in code, i.e. write a subliminal message to a boy/girl that you either like or despise on your Facebook timeline for ALL to see, you are officially a chicken shit. A Chicken shit is to be a coward, an unmanly being, a man without testicles, but as of late, it’s not the men folk who have been constantly writing in code on their FB pages in the hopes that whatever chick (or dude…hey, it’s 2015) will suddenly take notice.

Guys say what they want to say and are done with it. Girls, however, are snakes in the grass who will continue to send mixed messages and signals not only on their Facebook updates but in their private life as well.

***I PROMISE WE’RE GETTING TO THE POINT….I just never said when ;)***

Back in my day…(I was REALLY trying to avoid that phrase), we didn’t have Myspace, Facebook, Tinder, SnapChat, Instagram or Instant Messenger. In fact, it wasn’t until 1999 when texts could finally be exchanged between deferent networks. We didn’t have Emojis, or Apps & Built-in cellphone cameras were unheard of until 2002. Which meant……

…….We actually had to physically speak to each other. No, really. Face to face. Oh, sure we wrote notes, but that was a time when people knew how to spell and properly use grammar (most of us, anyway). We didn’t have Emojis to save our asses in awkward situations either.

No texting. No camera phones. No apps. No itunes. And no emojis. Wrap your head around that.

So, aside from passing notes during or in between classes with the guy or gal that you liked, there was only one other way to REALLY find out if someone liked you or wished that you would spend eternity in the bog of eternal stench. (If any youngsters get that movie reference….you win absolutely nothing).

We would have to speak to that person, in person and use our actual words.Yeah! we could have to vocalize what we wanted to say. Wrap your mind around that for minute….go head, I’ll wait. Not only that, but there was always the fear of rejection as well. In a txt, Email or a message on Facebook, you never had to worry about being rejected because you didn’t have to see that person face to face and be forced to stay in an awkward situation.
Facebook, Myspace, Email,Texting, it has become a very convenient place to hide.

It has turned us all into little cowards, who for whatever reason will not say what they really need and/or want to say. Do you honestly think that posting a meme every five minutes represents you as a person? Are you only capable of re-posting your friends status updates because you truly have nothing to say? Sheep.

***And finally what you’ve all been waiting for…the finale. And the fucking point to this rant.***

Subliminal messages run rampant on Facebook and neither of you are any good about hiding or making your message discrete. You’re not fooling anybody. Not only that, but your attempt at hiding a status within your own Facebook makes you appear to be a little bat shit, as well as a chicken shit. Attempting to hide a bullshit message on your Facebook in the hopes that the person may see it and completely understand what and whom you’re discussing & stop everything so that he/she can battle it out over a Facebook status sounds bat shit crazy to me.

Arguing over a Facebook status is more than a little ridiculous. Jumping from the Grand Canyon would make more sense than tearing each other a part over what was written on a social media page.

***Almost done. I promise.***

And for those of you who continuously write subliminal Facebook status messages about a “special someone,” or a person you hate but have no idea why you hate said person, you are the problem and the host to this virus, which will continue to spread, consume and fester. Acting big and bad on Facebook about a person you’re having beef with makes you look like a complete ass hat, chicken shit, who is in dire need of growing a pair and tell that “special someone” how you really feel. And if you have major beef with someone, don’t be that guy/girl who hides behind social media.

Yeah, you’re really tough behind a computer screen, you cheap dime store hood.

***And for those not in the know…Cheap Dime Stores were stores that sold things to the equivalent to 10 cents & Hood means a trouble maker or LOW LIFE. So, really, the complete translation is a person who has nothing better to do than to hang out in front of dime stores.***

***Moral of the story***

Don’t rely on Social Media to get your point across. Don’t waste time writing hieroglyphics. You’re not being honest with yourself or the other person that you claim to like so much. And although he/she may know that you’re talking about them, they would much rather hear it from your mouth about how you feel. You could be rejected 100x, but at least you used your words. Posting a message written in code only appears desperate. Guys always know when you’re talking or thinking about them while they’re spying on your twitter. But dudes are simple creatures and if they’re worth a damn, they would much rather hear it straight from the horses mouth or your mouth. Whichever.

On that note, I’m going to give this issue a rest. I said all I needed to say and I didn’t have to write it in ancient aztec on my Facebook page.

So, yeah….

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