The Man in The Silo

Hey there kiddies!
I have a film that I would love for you to store away and check out.

‘The Man in The Silo.”

Directed by my very close friend, Phil Donlon & jointly written by playwright Christopher Ellis & starring Ernie Hudson.

*Shameful Plug: Phil Donlon is also the lead in the film High & Outside, which is currently in production, but stay tuned…*

The Man in The Silo is making its rounds on the film festival circuit & will be shown June 16 at the Coachella Film Festival & may be up for some awards!

How fucking cool is that?!

Phil went to bat for me & got me my audition, which then lead to an actual role in my very first mainstream movie, High & Outside & I am forever grateful!

I will post all appropriate links regarding The Man in The Silo for all additional info & I hope you keep your eye out for this amazing movie.

Plz give Phil Donlon a follow on twitter for all updates: @PhilDonlon1

So proud of you, Phil!!!

The Man in The Silo

Film Festival/AmFmFest


Scarlett Fay: I’m Still Here

“Hey Kids! Remember when Scarlett Fay used to shoot some pretty awesome boy/girl scenes?”

Ah, yes. Those were the days. I loved shooting BG scenes & I would be a lying slag if I said that I didn’t miss it. I do miss shooting BG scenes. However, you should all be well aware that choosing to just do girl/girl scenes was entirely my choice & my choice alone. This blog post is not about getting into the specifics of my decision, as it is quite personal for me & only those close to me know the real reason. Perhaps you believe a boyfriend had a hand in my decision. That’s just being silly. I am not some 50’s housewife where my dreams don’t matter. But I digress. 

I have been in this biz six years. Yes, I realize that this is hard for some of you to believe considering I don’t shoot nearly as often or punch out as many box covers as I did in the beginning. I will state openly & honestly that going from BG to only shooting GG scenes, is somewhat considered Porn Star career suicide. And believe me when I say that I have felt the backdraft from my decision to leave BG scenes. It didn’t hit me right away because I was increasingly busy shooting for PlayboyTV, which was always fun & outrageous. My memories working for PBTV are endless & I’ve met some amazing people and I am thankful for all the opportunities and friendships I’ve made there. Ahem….there I go again. 

(I promise I don’t have adult ADD/ADHD, but who knows…squirrel!) 

Why don’t we get back to the point of this blog, shall we? Yes? Fantastic.

I was naive to think that going from BG to just GG, would actually slow my bookings down to a crawl. I had been agent free while doing my stint with PBTV & was enjoying the fact that I had control over the bookings I received as well as not having to pay a certain percentage to an agency. Looking to sign with another agency was not on my list of things to do. My projects/bookings for PBTV, as well as some little modeling jobs I had booked through many of the contacts I had made in the industry, were keeping me quite busy. The money was still fairly steady, so, it would be honest to say that I was not aware, and completely losing my grip on the career that I truly loved being a part of. My porn career or “Adult Entertainment” for all the baby ears out there. It was only until the PBTV bookings came to a complete halt that I realized I was truly losing my seat at the Porn Star table. 

To be clear, I had not stopped doing BG scenes while I was shooting for PBTV, but I had just ended a contract with my last agency, which helped contribute to the fact that my bookings were few and far between because I could not be found as easily. My face was not prominently displayed on any agency site, so, with that, directors & different companies quickly forget you ever existed in their world. Especially when there are plenty of younger girls joining the biz every two minutes. My decision to leave BG scenes all together wouldn’t become a reality until October 2010. 

I started out in this biz doing BG scenes. I did GG as well, along with the occasional group sex scenes, solos, BGG, BBG etc. I was actually very vanilla. A pillow queen. So, after doing BG for my first three years & then making the decision to just do GG (solo, GGG, Toys…etc. As long as there was no penis involved. At least, no REAL penis), my bookings went from nearly four shoots a week, to one or two shoots a month. And in worst cases, perhaps once every couple months. Needless to say, I felt a little more than left out when I had to turn down roles because I would only do GG. I lost roles to some pretty big porn features. I was even wanted as lead in a porn feature, but because it required quite a few BG scenes, I had to turn it down. By now, some of you are probably asking yourselves, “why didn’t you just go back to BG?” It’s not as easy as you may think. Without getting too personal about my own life (I figure having my vagina displayed for all to see on the internet is quite enough), the reason lies with a health issue & quite a painful one. 

Moving on…And being more honest than I can handle….

I fucking miss doing BG scenes. I miss it. I miss being in bigger features, having better parts, the long days, being excited about working with someone new. This is not to say that I don’t enjoy my GG scenes. I love women. I enjoy having sex with women & I am thankful for working with so many amazing girls in the biz, who have made my scenes that much more enjoyable & fun. 

I guess what I’m trying to say, is that i’m still here. I have not left the industry. I love this industry and all the opportunities it has given me as well as the amazing people I’ve met. I am not a big name in this biz. I am not worried about the amount of followers I have on twitter, which quite a few of you seem to be more interested in the fact that I don’t have a bazillion followers, this is not something i’m losing sleep over. I am forever grateful for my fans who have enjoyed my scenes since the beginning in 2007. Thank you! 

I am still here, folks. I am still Scarlett Fay & I still love shooting porn. To put it blatantly, I fucking love this biz. I am not the best female porn talent out there. I have zero awards & rarely any recognition from the industry I work for, but that doesn’t make me any less apart of it. 

And hey, I have been cast in an indie mainstream film! I had an improve scene with the hollywood legend, Georffrey Lewis! And that’s fucking cool! 

So, yeah…

Don’t forget about me just yet. 

I’m. Still. Here.


My Interview with AIP DAILY

This is the very recent interview I did with AIP DAILY. AIP was actually one of the very first sites to interview me when I first began my career as an “AdultTress,” six years ago. Christina does a wonderful, an amazing job, helping me to spread the word about my upcoming projects & I’m very thankful to her. Love You, C!

The interview is quick & to the point about the mainstream indie film I’ve been so deeply involved with since we began shooting seven months ago. If you haven’t already heard me gush about this amazing film, along with its director, cast & crew & how I’m thankful to them everyday for this chance, this opportunity, well, here’s the scoop.

High and Outside: A Baseball Noir


Just A Quickie

I’ll be honest. I’m completely failing at this blogging thing, but I have made a promise to myself & to my amazing fans that I WILL do better. In my head, I’ve already written several blogs. However, in reality, they’ve just been long rants with a 140 word character limit on twitter. Although many of you seem to appreciate my late night, early morning rants, that are completely random, never really pertaining to anything other than what’s going on in my head at the moment, I can see how this may become a wee bit obnoxious after a while. Therefore, I’m going to be more disciplined about updating my blog when certain random thoughts pop into my head about topics that, I believe, deserve more than just 140 characters. My mind doesn’t shut off or slow down. So, I’m constantly bombarded by certain happenings of my life. Whether it be about porn or otherwise. I have quite a few stories/events, new & old, that need to be written down, blogged, if you will. So, this is my promise to you: I am going to make every effort to blog, so, that your twitter feed is not continuously bombed by my random recklessness. I can’t, however, promise that it will never happen, but more effort on my part will be done. I will admit that I do have bouts of writers block at times. So, don’t expect an update of all my goings on every day. I’m really not that interesting anyway. But I thank you for all your encouragement nonetheless. 🙂 Plenty of juicy stories headed your way if I can get them all out of my head in a timely, graceful manner so that I don’t sound like a rambling idiot…like right now for example. Whew. First blog in quite some time. Feelin’ good. Isn’t this what they call the first step? Or is that something else? Stay tuned. The madness ain’t over yet.
Scarlett Fay