And The Idiocy Ensues…

I’ve been meaning to bring this certain issue to light since the day it was blasted all over twitter, however, certain people’s careers, including my own, depended on me keeping my mouth shut. And boy do I hate playing nice.

Fuck it.

Quite a few months ago, a tweet was posted, blasted all over the internet, by a very well known pornstar, attacking a certain homeless man on the streets of Fort Wayne, Indiana. This is what was written; “Stop giving them money Fort Wayne! The more you give them money, this place is gonna start looking like skid row. Fort Wayne has plenty of room in the shelters and almost every church has food, shelter and placement. No excuse for him or the others here.”

Below her statement there was a picture attached of this homeless man holding a sign that stated the usual, “Hungry. Plz help…etc.”

I’ve been following this certain pornstar for a while on twitter because I enjoyed her perverted tweets and the different fantasies she relayed to people. However, after I read this specific message, I was appalled. She could have easily written what she thought about this homeless man and left it at that, but instead, and most likely without his permission, she took a picture of him and berated him on the internet. She also made the assumption that by this homeless man standing aside the highway, he would make close to $1000. We already know she’s ignorant, but now we are also aware that she’s not very bright either. To put it lightly. Unless the drivers passing by are handing out $20-$50 bills, I highly doubt this guy walks away with more than $20. If he happens to be out there from dawn till dusk, he still wouldn’t walk away with more than $30. Most of us don’t dish out anymore than a $1 and plenty of people continue to just drive on by. IF this guy is making $1000 a day I highly doubt he would be on the streets continuing to ask for change. $1000 a day? Are you fucking mental!?  The economy itself is in the shitter, but this homeless guy is making $1000 a day? Right.

This particular pornstar happens to be an advocate for animals, vegan, the whole nine, but when it comes to her fellow human beings, she looks at them like scum, as if they’re what’s wrong with todays society. It’s people like HER, that are wrong with our society. You care more for animals than the human being standing next to you. YOU’RE A PIG! What’s even more foul is the fact that she degraded this man, this human being, this poor human being, by posting his picture to her tweet. What right do you have to post his picture online? He could be someones son, father, brother etc. And she could careless. It’s easy for her to say these things because she makes great money selling her ass.

Poor people are not poor because they’re lazy. I know plenty of lazy people who still have a roof over their heads and food on their table. Something horrible happened in this mans life and now he’s on the streets and he’s begging for your change. I doubt there’s much pride in that. I agree that drugs play a huge part in many people ending up on the streets, but the majority of them are mentally ill and have been forgotten by society. Many of the Mental Health facilities that are provided have failed these people. Our system has failed these people.

For those that are homeless due to their addictions, this does not give you the right to judge them. Addiction is a disease and it’s a disease that is difficult to overcome. But laziness did not put these people on the streets. Something horrible happened to them that we can’t even imagine or comprehend. Yes, there are shelters, but most of these shelters have religious agendas, which is not a necessity to these peoples’ lives. Many shelters are also overcrowded, there’s not enough room.

Many of us don’t know what it’s like to live on the streets, worry about where our next meal will come from or how we’re going to survive to get to tomorrow. It’s a horrifying thought. We have no right to judge these people.

I give whatever change I can when I see a homeless person and I don’t give a flying fuck what they use it for. Whether it be food, booze, drugs. I don’t care. I have no idea what it’s like to be on the streets, wondering when am I going eat? Where am I going to sleep? What will happen to me during the night?

I’m not saying that every time you see a homeless person you HAVE  to give them your money. But be gracious and respect that, that person is a human being just like you and you don’t know their life story or how they got to where they are now. They are someone’s son, daughter, mother, brother, uncle, father…etc. They are people, not trash. They are not for your amusement.

And to this particular pornstar who felt she had every right to degrade this person, take his picture, blast it on twitter, YOU’RE A PIG! YOU’RE THE LOWEST FORM OF HUMAN BEING!

*Human beings need to take care of other human beings, of each other.*

Scarlett Fay