Cam Show Faux Pas…

Cam show disasters and how to avoid them…

Ladies, if you have an HD webcam, be well aware that HD will pick up every pimple, pore, crevice & crater on your face & ass. Chicks may dig scars on dudes, but the dudes do not want your C-Section scar or battle wounds from your days as an emo teenager, written all over your body like a Dr. Seuss book. The only story you should be revealing on your cam show is as follows: The Naughty School Girl, Naughty Nurse, Naughty College Girl, Sexy Sorority Girl, The Girl Next Door, even Cat Woman would suffice. Trust me, I’ve done them all. Moving on…

…Lighting! It can be your best friend or turn you into the walking dead. Soft lighting is ok, buuut you don’t want that soft lighting to cast spooky shadows on your face & other areas where spooky shadows should not be. Have a well lit room from front too back. You don’t want the only light to be the one coming off your computer screen.

Next on the list of poorly done cam shows, THE MUSIC IN THE BACKGROUND! I get it, the music makes you less bored while you wait patiently for someone to pay to see you take your clothes off. You bounce around your room, lip-synch the words while your patrons are trying to get your attention or ask questions. However, not everyone is into the same music that you’re into. You’ll have a hard time setting the mood with your viewers if all you can hear is the distorted sound of “ima’ beat the pussy up,” in the background. If you must have music while you webcam, be very particular about what you listen to. Your viewers are paying for a fantasy. They want to lose themselves in that fantasy even if it’s only for a few minutes, but if it sounds like there’s a rave going on in your bedroom, the fantasy is lost.

DON’T LOOK SO BORED! LOSE THE ATTITUDE! You’re not going to get on your webcam and immediately begin making money without putting forth some effort. You have to be personable, approachable, flirtatious, remember to smile and keep your energy up. Don’t lose your cool or snap at someone just because you’ve had a shit day or you feel that you hold some sort of celebrity status because you’ve won awards for sucking dick. If you’re bored your viewers will be able to tell. It will read loud and clear just like your resting bitch face. So, fucking smile, bat your eyes and make some money.

Typing only while web camming is fucking pointless. People log onto webcam sites to hear your voice. They want to hear your moan. They want to know what you sound like when you cum and they want to listen to you dirty talk. What sense does it make to pay to watch someone type their orgasm? They could text their girlfriends for free if that’s the case. The only exception to the rule are the foreign chicks who can’t speak any english, who are working out of some sweat shop studio in east jesus nowhere while some guy named Zoltar translates to the girls what the dudes are saying. If you can speak english, then SPEAK! Crikey! If you’re not going to allow sound during your cam show then what’s the point?  You don’t have to recite The Bill of Rights, just open your mouth and start a conversation. You don’t have to sound like a Bowery prostitute right away. Save the good stuff for the paid chat room. But if you happen to be bashful when it comes to talking dirty, perhaps you should consider a career in telemarketing.

Make up is your friend. I’ve been doing a little spying and some of you look BEAT! We’re talking straight out the trailer and onto the Jerry Springer show. Pornstar or not, when you are doing a LIVE cam show you have now become your alter ego, whomever that may be. If you call yourself Princess Tits or Cum Dumpster, then that’s who you are until you log off. So, be sure to slap on the foundation, the blush, mascara (quite a few times to get big, full lashes), do a little something with your hair & pick an eye shadow that makes your eyes pop. You are playing a fantasy and in some cases, you’ll be playing many different fantasies depending on the customer. Don’t log on with dark circles, black eyes or zits showing.  The viewers want the girl next door, the cheerleader or the hot teacher they always fantasized about, but never had.

Please refrain from using these words while camming: “I’m tired.” “I’m bored.” You’re not bringing sexy back by making it clear that you don’t want to be there. Granted, camming can sometimes get a little tedious. Invite a friend over who’s not afraid to get down on a LIVE show. Sometimes having a partner makes things fun and can bring you more business.

Here are a few tid bits for after your show starts: Don’t leave the room to get anything. You should already be prepared and have everything you need before you log on. Don’t attempt to clean your room unless your customers paid to see you do it naked. Don’t excuse yourself to go to the bathroom. Wait till your back in Free Chat. Do not turn on the TV unless it’s porn. Porn is always good for background noise. If you’re doing a foot fetish show, CLEAN YOUR FEET. Ick. If your feet look like you’ve been walking around a truck stop barefoot while turning tricks is a complete turn off. It didn’t work for Britney Spears, it will NOT work for you.

Last but not least, and this is specifically for the girls who break the rules while in FREE CHAT. You may want to have someone read the Terms & Policy to you. We don’t expect you to be a scholar, so, take all the time you need reading the rules. Sound out the words & if you come across a big word you don’t understand, GOOGLE IT. But just to summarize, DO NOT show your tits, ass or pussy while in FREE CHAT! The key word here is FREE. You are giving people a tour of Trafalgar Square for FREE. You are NOT making any money in FREE CHAT. A milkshake will bring any boy to the yard. Especially a free milkshake. Don’t be that asshole. If you’re good at something, never do it for free.

Happy Camming!

-Scarlett Fay-


The term PornStar gets thrown around quite loosely these days. I can only vaguely remember what it used to mean back in the wild west days of pornography. I was not around in those days. In fact, I was either still a member of my dads ball sack or I was a fetus. Back then you had to really earn the title PornStar. You couldn’t just be some chick off the boat and expect to gain respect as a pornstar for doing the most minimal things. There had to be something about you, your demeanor, they way you carried yourself or the way you handled yourself in a scene. You had to bring something new to the table & be smarter than the average porntress. I do not consider myself to be a pornstar. I have not shot a million scenes or have been nominated for any AVN award, though I do tend to think my oral skills are AVN worthy. I’m very low on the PornStar radar. Many people know me, but i’m not a household name and I don’t work constantly every week. 

When you say the word PornStar, it’s women like Jenna Jameson & Jenna Haze that come to mind the quickest. Then we have Jessie Jane, Belladonna, Sasha Gray, Bree Olson…ya’ get the idea. You can’t take your eyes off these girls. Theres something about their scenes that make us all wet our panties a little. I can honestly say that I will probably never be a house hold name, but I’ve definitely had my fun in the industry and I do believe that I’ve made my mark. If my fans consider me a PornStar, that’s good enough for me. However, I do feel that the tides are changing, a storm is rolling in and a new breed of PornStar is right around the corner. 

A Backstory Blurb

Hey Kids! Welcome to The Scarlett Letters. I’m your author and host, Scarlett Fay and these are my stories, trials, tribulations, mishaps & adventures of the modern day pornstar or porn babe as I like to refer to myself. My adventures in this crazy industry began in 2007. I was 22yrs old, working at an indian casino in Fallbrook, ca. Needless to say, I was bored and becoming extremely impulsive, which is something I still suffer from today. While cruising Myspace and uploading halloween photos of me in a very suggestive school girl outfit, I received an email from a porn agency in Chatsworth, ca. After a few friendly emails over a span of a few weeks and deciding that it was a legit company and not just some dude in his garage with a sony hand held video camera, I drove from Temecula, ca to the porn hub, Chatsworth, where I met with the lady who ran the agency. Knowing that it was a female who was running this porn agency had put me at ease. Porn had never entered my mind as a career choice while I was in high school or college. In fact, due to my “innocent” looks, many people in high school thought I would turn out to be a lawyer, psychiatrist, a teacher, librarian or a nun. Yep! That’s right. A nun! Little did these people know that on many occasions I was having sex on the school track during practice or on the bus en route to a track or cross country meet. Having an innocent-like demeanor and almost always having my nose in a book, while also wearing sweat pants or my track uniform, probably protected me from being rediculed for having sex at such a young age. Young being 14 years old. No, I wasn’t secretly the school slut or running around having sex with jocks. I was dating a track mate who happened to be two years old than me. We’ll call him “Fuck Face.” He was everything a bad boyfriend should be and more. Perhaps we’ll delve into the story of “Fuck Face” at a later date, another blog. Ahem. Anyway, porn was not on my radar. The only time I was even aware that porn existed was when my brother was able to hack into the parental controls my Dad had set up in order to keep us out of the Spice channel we had incured through our illegal cable set up. My hormones had begun to harass me at age 12, so, watching porn late at night while everyone lay asleep, was a very nice release. Ah, masturbation. It’s a wonderful thing. I never found anything disgusting or immoral about these people that I watched having sex in all sorts of crazy positions, on all sorts of different furniture, in all sorts of different costumes. I looked at it exactly how it was. JUST SEX. Fast forward quite a few years and I find myself sitting in an agency that reps girls wanting to become PORNSTARS. I made it very clear what I would and would not do. I wanted to start off very vanilla because realisticly I didn’t think that I was going to actually make this a career. I thought it was just going to be something I tried and put in a biography years later. Two weeks after meeting with the agency I was booked for my very first gig. VIVID. I thought I would be a nervous wreck, but I found myself to be completely calm and at ease. It was a very intimate setting, 3 people tops. Not like it is on some of the big features where you can have up to 20 plus people running around or watching you. My male talent was VooDoo and I could not have asked for a better first time partner in my Sexcapades. He was also the very first uncircumsized man I had ever been with. I found out quickly that they work just the same as a regular penis or circumcised penis. Pretty nifty. The scene went well and I had a blast and in four hours it was all over. No harm. No foul. I left feeling excited and eager for my next shoot. 2007-2008 would turn out to be a very busy year for me. I am now coming up on five years in the industry and I have enjoyed all my experiences and all the doors it has opened for me. I’ve worked for all the major companies such as: Vivid, Wicked, Hustler, Playboy, PlayboyTV, Penthouse, New Sensations, Brazzers, Metro, Pistol Whip, Nubiles, and many others. I’ve been featured in magazines such as: Hustler Mag (quite a few times), Fox Magazine, Swank and Playboy. My most current projects involve PlayboyTV. I’ve been a host and a model for many of their reality shows such as: BadAss, Playboy’s Beach House & Naughty Amateur Home Videos w/Bree Olson. My adventures are quite a few and involve all sorts of people. Stay tuned & enjoy!
Scarlett Fay